I am going to reset my Mimica Mimic story~
I will try and build up a better start and a better flow~
Even though I only uploaded 2 chapters… it didn’t have the feel i wanted it to have…

I was dragged by my story instead of me writing it~
For now I will start over~

Being too ambitious, i learned my lesson…

This time around, it might be a bit cliche at times or i may follow some templates, but, who knows, it might work out for the better~


I’ll finish an arc or so before I upload anything~

As for the Librarian, I will leave it hanging for now… not that anyone is interested in following a story which was not even past the prologue~


Librarian – Chapter 2: Books in the Shelves

The pattern of light that looks like a crack in this pitch black world, what is it?

Moreover, what is everything around me? Ugh. I don’t even know where I can find the answer to that.

I should move. That figure entered the crack, right?

I must go there. I don’t know why, but I want to go there.

Is it because I’m bored of this black space? This unchanging place of pure darkness where the feeling of light shining on me changed, and… did it make me excited?

Excitement. Continue reading